Quiet & Safe vehicles in Future Mobility

KU Leuven Noise and Vibration Research group hosting the Horizon2020 project PBNv2 mid-term meeting together with network-wide technical and complementary skills training events. (Image: KU Leuven)

VIRTUAL VEHICLE is part of the PBNv2 Marie Skłodowska-Curie training network: Together with leading education institutes, top research institutions and international industrial companies as well as five partner organizations established in European automotive R&D, we are developing Next generation Pass-By Noise approaches for new powertrain vehicles.

With transportation noise being the second most deadly environmental pollutant in Europe, automotive industry demands new approaches to cope with both the strengthening of the legal limits concerning noise limits and the ever-increasing competitiveness of the market dictated by the growing customer expectations. While agile development is commonly adopted in automotive industry to manage rapidly growing number of vehicle platforms and derivates as well as new propulsion architectures, next generation pass-by noise approaches for new powertrain vehicles are becoming crucial design enabler.

Based on our extensive expertise in automotive NVH simulation and advanced testing, VIRTUAL VEHICLE supports together with international experts development of next generation pass-by noise approaches, to pave the road towards quiet and safe future mobility.