NEW: 360° WEBTOUR through the test benches of VIRTUAL VEHICLE

NVH test benches

At VIRTUAL VEHICLE, we understand the challenges faced by NVH engineers at every stage of vehicle development. That’s why we support with our technical expertise on the entire process of sound and vibration, from their transmission to their perception.
Our goal is to provide an efficient and reliable solution that optimises the interaction between sophisticated simulation and advanced experimental investigation.
Our equipment and experience enable us to perform tests and verifications that meet our customer’s and partner’s expectations.

Benefits of having us as a test partner:

o Efficient and reliable NVH and psychoacoustic testing.
o NVH test benches and test procedures tailored to customer demands
o Advanced NVH know-how
o Extensive experience with turnkey projects based on ISO 9001 certification

The 360° web tour of our NVH test benches gives a good insight into the possibilities we have in terms of test methods.

360° Webtour NVH test benches


Battery Test Bench

Our laboratory team in the BATTLAB focuses on Thermal Runaway experiments to ensure the safety and reliability of Li-Ion batteries. Tests are performed either on the entire battery or on one or more cells. The simulation and integration of models helps to consider and include the entire environment of the cell. The findings they receive are contributing into creation of safe cell designs, development for mitigation strategies for addressing thermal runaway propagation in systems, and investigation in battery-related accidents in electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

The 360° Webtour below provides an overview of the equipment and methods in our BATTLAB

360° Webtour Battlab