Prototypical implementation of a dead-time effect compensation scheme for virtual reality systems

Department: Electrics/Electronics & Software

Master Thesis Ref.Nr. E_067

One major outcome of the research project ACoRTA at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE was a new technology to compensate unwanted effects of time-delays (dead-time) in systems of systems. During the project a use case at an industrial cooperation partner popped up which deals with delay problems at the virtual reality platforms. The main goal of this master thesis is to apply the developed algorithm/technologies to head mounted VR Systems [1, 2] and investigate the effectiveness of the approach to capture this use case.

Your duties and responsibilities:

  • Review of existing scientific literature and/or market analysis to find the state of the art
  • Selection of a suitable platform for a prototype
  • Prototypical implementation of the algorithm
  • Evaluation of the solution
  • Documentatio

What we expect from you:

  • Study of telematics, mathematics, computer science or similar
  • Programming experience, especially in C / C ++
  • Independent and conscientious way of working

What we offer:

  • Professional assistance in processing the topic
  • Payment for the thesis
  • Participation in a dedicated team

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