From April 16 to 19, Europe’s largest transport research conference, the Transport Research Arena (TRA), took place in Vienna. Under the motto “A digital era for transport. Solutions for society, economy and enviroment “, around 3,000 international experts discussed developments in mobility and the latest research results.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE was also present and presented several highlights at the conference. Among other things, the visitors were able to see the unique Automated Drive Demonstrator – an autonomous driving electric vehicle with advanced driver assistance function – and were able to experience it live during a test drive on a specially closed test track near the Vienna harbor. In addition, high-level EU representatives informed themselves about the EU-LIVE project.

Automated Drive Demonstrator

Violeta Bulc (EU Commissioner for Transport), Vienna City Councilor for Economic Affairs Renate Brauner and Transport Minister Norbert Hofer did not miss this opportunity either, and paid a visit to the Virtual Vehicle at the TRA.

Violeta Bulc (EU Commissioner for Transport) and Vienna City Councilor Renate Brauner are testing the VIRTUAL VEHICLE Automated Drive Demonstrator.

Minister of Transport Norbert Hofer visits the VIRTUAL VEHICLE Automated Drive Demonstrator at TRA 2018.

EU Live

There was also great interest in the results of the EU-Live project. At the end of the three-year EU project, prototype demonstrators – based on the joint “EU-LIVE Modular Platform” – are available for various L-Class vehicles. VIRTUAL VEHICLE leads the consortium – in addition to its extensive expertise in the field of complete vehicle simulation, co-simulation and vehicle development. Violeta Bulc (EU Commissioner for Transport) came to the EU booth to find out more about this flagship project.

Violeta Bulc in conversation with Dr. Werner Rom (Head of Human-Centered Systems & Road Safety at VIRTUAL VEHICLE): EU-LIVE project results form a solid foundation for quiet, clean, energy-efficient and safe individual mobility in inner-city areas.

Georgios Charalampous, Project Officer of H2020 / INEA, get an update on the latest innovative achievements for the L5e and L3e vehicles.

Signe Ratso, EU Deputy Director – General for research and Innovation, had a close look at the exciting L-category vehicles.

Here are some of the most beautiful reports on our trade fair presentation: