The Next Generation Measurement Solution


ViFDAQ is a fully customizable, wireless measurement device for complex applications where no standard solutions are commercially available. High-precision wireless time-synchronization combines multiple ViFDAQ nodes to a single virtual device.

New areas of application like spatially distributed measurements or investigations on several moving objects become possible. The freedom of easy hardware customization enables a mixture of measurement quantities not available on one single off-the-shelf device.

Furthermore, the wireless communication interface greatly reduces instrumentation costs and allows for an easy operation.


  • very compact, modular design
  • battery powered
  • multi-hop capable WSN technology
  • dependable, high precision wireless clock synchronization
  • multiple sensor interfaces readily available
  • extendable with new functionality
  • easy integration / application
  • scalable software framework (GUI / API)


  • analog signals (fully differential inputs)
  • temperature sensors (thermocouple and RTD)
  • pressure sensors (differential, absolute – down to 25 Pa)
  • RTK GNSS positioning
  • inertial measurement unit
  • CAN-bus interface

ViFDAQ system is easily extended by additional interfaces and sensor technologies.


  • Rail/Automotive: vehicle monitoring and fleet analysis with cloud upload
  • Edge Computing: process data directly on sensor
  • WSN: quick installation and synchronous sampling on multiple (moving) objects
  • Interior Concept: easy installation to test multiple cars in short time
  • Integration: integrate ViFDAQ with other measurement equipment (e.g. PEMS) to monitor additional information
  • Industry 4.0: production monitoring, predictive maintenance
  • Embedded: measurement in constrained locations
Picture: Interior thermal comfort measurement – quick instrumentation by using ViFDAQ’s synchronous wireless sensor network technology.


Technical Data Sheet



Truck platooning aerodynamic analysis and thermal efficiency verification. ViFDAQ is used to measure simultaneously on three trucks driving in different platooning configurations. Measurement data is used to support and validate CFD simulations.

Recorded metrics include differential and absolute pressure sensors on front and rear of trucks, RTK GNSS positions, distance between trucks and cooling performance of the engine. Additionally, vehicle data is acquired vie CAN bus. The complete setup includes six ViFDAQ nodes on three moving trucks and a stationary unit on the test-track.

ViFDAQs demonstrate secure and trustable algorithms for wireless sensor technology. Next generation wireless data handling allows the system to perform with the same quality as wired equivalents, making it a suitable replacement for traditional test-bed interfaces.


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