TRA – Transport Research Arena 2018

From 16.-19. April 2018 Europes biggest Transport Research Conference, the Transport Research Arena, will take place in Vienna. Under the motto “a digital era for transport solutions for society, economy and environment” about 3.000 international experts will discuss about the latest research results and future developments in mobility and transport.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE at the Interactive Zone

The Interactive Zone was created by TRA as a complement to the classic exhibition and the scientific conference, where research results and initiatives are supposed to be also experienced first-hand. Aim of the Interactive Zone is especially the presentation and experiencing of European research excellence and technology competence for visitors and specialist media. Companies and organisations were asked through a call to hand in their demonstrations and showcases.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE presents two demonstrators at this place:

VIRTUAL VEHICLE Automated Drive Demonstrator
Looking at the technology roadmap the next tech- and mind-shift challenge is autonomous driving. In this showcase VIRTUAL VEHICLE presents an electric vehicle with ADAS functions implemented. An ADD Onboard Monitor shows what HD cameras, radar sensors and object analysis detect. In addition it demonstrates how Advanced Control, Driving Monitoring, Collision Detection and Self-Diagnostic work.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE Wheel-Railroad Track Demonstrator
The rail demonstrator enables the visualization of the wheel – railroad track contact. Depending on the speed the demonstrator shows different damage effects such as temperature development, crack formation, wear and tear. The speed is individually adjustable.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE’s broad spectrum of research and innovation activities

In addition further research results with VIRTUAL VEHICLE participation will be presented at different EU project booths:

Furthermore, several VIRTUAL VEHICLE experts will give specialist presentations during the scientific conference.