Functional validation of products with raising complexity requires a deep understanding of product behavior and a creative combination of sophisticated numerical and physical methods. VIRTUAL VEHICLE investigates in advanced functional validation methods and provides  demonstrators and state-of-the-art and cutting-edge testing facilities for vehicles, engines, powertrains and their components.
VIRTUAL VEHICLE’s goal is the realization of highest customer satisfaction by executing the test projects in time, in cost and in quality by considering the interacting processes of all parties involved. Therefore VIRTUAL VEHICLE has more than 15 years experience in working as a
team with leading science and industrial partners. Our 200 researchers drive for the vehicle technology of the future. These findings enable the
continuous improvement of our test benches and methods. Optimum test results and quality is your benefit from that.

Handling the rising complexity and speed as an objective partner

VIRTUAL VEHICLE is consistently at the forefront of vehicle research. This insight enables us to speak your language and to provide you with
practical solutions for your development challenges.

Flexible services for continuously changing requirements

Our researchers enable our clients to achieve a decisive technological lead – in global and close cooperation with the best universities and corporate R&D departments.

High-fidelity system simulation models with close link to testing

It is becoming more and more important to provide the research and development engineer with simulation results directly on the testbed. This leads to more insight into the powertrain, and subsequently a shorter test cycle.


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