Project Meeting SSD – Synthetic Sensor Data from Validated Sensor Models

For the Kick-Off Meeting, the SSD consortium gathered in Graz, Austria, for two days to discuss the project vision, upcoming activities and next steps.
Through validated sensor models it is possible to generate realistic sensor data for different scenarios and environmental conditions. Based on this synthetic sensor data the amount of real measurement data for ADAS/AD perception function development and testing can be significantly reduced, enabling a faster and cheaper development process.


Project Goals

  • Validation of Lidar and Radar Sensor Models based on measurement campaigns.
  • Integration of these sensor models in Dyna4.
  • The generated sensor data will be used for testing, training or validating an AD/ADAS function.


Project Info:

Duration: 2 Years
Partners: VW, Infineon AT, Vector Informatik GmbH, TU Berlin, Persival GmbH
Funded under the K2 programme

Picture (from the left)

1. Row: Carina Fresemann (TUB), Marcus Hennecke (IFAT), Abduelkadir Eryildirim (IFAT), Simon Genser (ViF), Clemens Linnhoff (Persival), Sarah Haas(ViF), Philipp Rosenberger (Persival)
2. Row: Thomas Neumayr (ViF), Leona Hennig (VW), Nedim Kovacevic (TUB), Jakob Kaths (Vector), Simon Schmidt-Kopilas (VW)