“What is a trustworthy AV and how to build trust?”

Topics of Interest
  • Philosophy of technology
  • Ethics of technology
  • Machine ethics
  • Robot ethics
  • Computer ethics
  • Moral philosophy
Short CV

Hristina Veljanova is project researcher at the Institute of the Foundations of Law – Section Law and IT and PhD candidate at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Graz. Since 2017 she has been doing extensive research on the ethics of ICT, cybersecurity, automated driving and learning analytics. She worked on the H2020 project where together with her team they produced the “Criteria Catalogue for Assurance and Certification of Cyber Security and Data Protection” for which they won the Styrian Science Award “Digitalisation of Science” 2019. She is currently involved in two projects, VERDI, which focuses on SAE L3 of driving automation, and Learning Analytics – Students in the Focus. She is writing her dissertation on how to design for values in automated vehicles.