About the summer school

Organized by VIRTUAL VEHICLE, Graz University of Technology  and University of Graz

September 13-15, 2021 | Start 09:00 AM Central European Time (CEST) | LIVE STREAM EVENT

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the central components of digital transformation in the automotive industry. To satisfy its requirements, and in addition users and providers, a never stronger need for interaction and understanding between academia and industry is raised. Encouraging such cooperation, VIRTUAL VEHICLE has developed a scientific network with the Graz University of Technology and Field of Excellence “Complexity of Life in Basic Research and Innovation (COLIBRI)” at the University of Graz, presented via AI Summer School. In addition, to support the open science practice as well as sharing-data strategy, the organizers offer the AI summer school as free of charge event to all participants but with needed registration.


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Summer School topics by days

Day 1: AI-Enabled Mobility

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During the first day of the summer school, Virtual Vehicle will present some real-world AI use-cases; discuss the problems and challenges of deep neural networks as well as its consequences in practice; show quantum AI as a realization solution for processing huge amounts of complex datasets; present the importance of data-quality and generative models in machine learning; demonstrate the design for trust in an autonomous vehicle.


Perception, in particular visual perception, is the key for autonomous driving and the main topic of day two. The presenters are highly recognized researchers in their respective fields and will cover such diverse topics as, visual odometry, 3D vision, and scene understanding. Special emphasis will be on the machine learning side which will cover energy-efficient learning as well as variational models.


Organized by University of Graz

In addition, inspiration for novel designs can be drawn from natural organisms – including the human society – which have been formed and optimized by biological and cultural evolution over extremely long times already for similar tasks. This way, novel methods based on natural swarm intelligence, self-organization, self-regulation, and biological emergence can bring AI into new, yet widely uncharted, territories that await to be explored and often still require to be described by consistent mathematical frameworks. In consequence, the day three is adding the new motto “nature provides inspiration” this year to our topics “theory meets application” and “problem meets solution”.

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The Live Stream Summer School “Beyond AI” is a live-stream event (MS Teams). Participation is free of charge for everyone, but registration is required.

Selected slides and teaching materials will be made available for registered participants only!

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Students Corner

How to earn and justify ‘1 ECTS’ for summer school?


  1. Students are obliged to register and attend three days of summer school.
  2. Students are also obliged to use the TEMPLATE to submit their written elaboration for summer school “Beyond AI”.
  3. Students will receive a certificate for their university (recommendation to accept 1 ECTS) and – if possible – feedback on the solution.


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