About the summer school

“AI-enabled mobility” (AIEM)

September 14-16, 2020 | LIVE STREAM EVENT

The summer school on “AI-enabled mobility” introduces the participants to modern theories of machine learning and its applications in mobility. The program addresses topics of automated transportation, data analytics, computer vision, artificial neural network, speech recognition, within the legal and ethical framework.

Although artificial intelligence is not a new research field, it has been evolving at an accelerated pace in recent years and is already in influencing and changing our lives. Thus, a solid theoretical foundation is needed for the design of real-world applications. To obtain useful and trustable AI-solutions, the interaction between academia and industry must be promoted and intensified under the motto: “theory meets application” and “problem meets solution”.


  • Data Driven AI and Big Data Analytics
  • Neural Networks, RL
  • Neural Networks, RNN
  • Neural Networks, Neuromorphic Hardware
  • Computer Vision, Object Recognition, Detection and Tracking, SLAM
  • Verification and Interpretability
  • Anomaly Detection and Robotics
  • Ethics, Privacy and Project Management for ML

Keynote Speakers


Bruce W. Bateman

  • CEO at Bateman Research
  • Smart City planning and technologies
  • Taiwan, China, Palo Alto and Dallas
Ching-Yao Chan

Ching-Yao Chan

Ira Cohen

Ira Cohen

  • Co-founder and chief data scientist at Anodot
  • Israel
Javier Ealo

Javier Ealo

  • Senior Manager of Strategy, Business Development, Solutions and Cross Selling Europe at Bosch
  • Expert in New Mobility
  • Austria
Changliu Liu

Changliu Liu

Charlotte Stix

Charlotte Stix

Pin Wang

Pin Wang

For this exclusive online-event, we would like to invite:

  • Students: PhD students and advanced master students
  • Experts: Algorithms engineers/scientists, data scientists/engineers, research scientists, software engineers
  • Management: Team/group/project leaders, innovation managers


Program Chairs

Jelena Rubesa-Zrim

Jelena Rubesa-Zrim

(General Chair)

  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Lead Researcher at Virtual Vehicle
  • Graz, Austria
Horst Bischof

Horst Bischof

Daniel Watzenig

Daniel Watzenig

Anton Fuchs

Anton Fuchs

Session Chairs


Elem Güzel Kalaycı


Bor Bricelj


Matthias Scharrer

Selim_photo (2)

Selim Solmaz


The summer school “AI-enabled mobility” is a live-stream event. Thus, participation is free of charge for everyone, but registration (see forms below) is required.

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