“Würdigungspreis 2023” for Felix Platzer – State Prize for the best diploma and master’s degrees

We are proud to congratulate Felix Platzer for receiving the “Würdigungspreis 2023” – State Prize for the Best Diploma and Master’s Degrees, from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.

This award is not only a personal milestone for him, but also an enormous motivation for his future research activities in the field of wheel-rail wear in Virtual Vehicle.


About the Deploma thesis – A DEM Model for Complex-Shaped Particles to Simulate Breakage in Large-Scale Simulations:

In Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulations, the breakage behavior of particles can be simulated using various breakage models. However, for large, complex-shaped particles that often break locally instead of fracturing completely, the application of some of these models does not lead to realistic results. To simulate local failure, it is advisable that the breakable parent-particle is generated in advance from sub-particles connected by “bonds”.

This study compares various methods for generating and calibrating complex-shaped particle conglomerates using Bonded-Particle Modeling (BPM), using filter cake as an example. The method that proves most suitable for this purpose and, furthermore, enables efficient and realistic simulation of the breakage behavior of complex-shaped particles, is then explained in more detail.
To simulate processes on an industrial scale involving multiple differently shaped parent-particles, additional crucial aspects are considered. This includes maintaining a correlating mass and volume flow during the breakage process, taking into account the dynamic behavior of parent-particles, especially regarding bonding-structure-wide damping, and exploring the possibility of automatically detecting individual sub-particle clusters.

Additionally, the introduction of the Bonded-Particle Replacement Method (BPRM), which combines the advantages of different breakage models, achieves optimization in terms of computational efficiency.