Virtual Vehicle Geschäftsführer Jost Bernasch gibt ServusTV ein Interview

Shooting date with ServusTV

On 30 January a camera team from “ServusTV” visited VIRTUAL VEHICLE: The shooting is intended as an contribution for the popular science format “P.M. Wissen“. The topic adresses the central question of what the safe car of the future and how will it look alike. In this context, numerical crash simulations and virtual “Human Body Models” (HBM) are important, especially how they can help to make the EU “Vision Zero” a reality. The latter aims to eliminate all fatal accidents in the European transport system by the year 2050.

The new challenges for the automotive industry are the background of this contribution: Automated driving, connected cars and Internet of Things (IOT) is creating new safety requirements. VIRTUAL VEHICLE addresses these major challenges, among others with the research focus “Digital Transformation of Vehicles“. A good example of this are the virtual human body models (HBM) mentioned above: novel computer models that are e.g. able to simulate the protective behavior of people before an impact.

In this spot, ServusTV will tell the story of the development of crash test dummies from their beginnings 70 years ago up to today’s computer-based companions. For this purpose, the camera team visited Drive.LAB, the newly designed driving simulator, which was specially developed for research and development in the field of automated driving. Finally, the guests also took a short test drive in VIRTUAL VEHICLE´s self-driving car. The spot will be broadcasted in the course of spring – the VIRTUAL VEHICLE is already looking forward to this date!