Save the Date 30.05.2023- UPSIM Webinar

Modelling and simulation is a strategic capability of every competitive company. However, simulation-based critical decisions (e.g. virtual testing) require robust simulation results. This webinar series presents a framework for assessing the reliability of simulation, highlighting process capability and artefact quality.


  • 13:00-13:50: Introduction of a Credibility Assessment Framework

Key takeaways:
– Relevant initiatives for assessment of Modeling & Simulation
– Risk-based derivation of structured credibility activities
– Multilateral assessment via Process Capability and Artefact Quality


  • 14:00-14:50: Deep-Dive: Process Capability Assessment for Modeling & Simulation

Key takeaways:
– Process capability and its relevance for simulation credibility
– Related standards, initiatives, and process models
– The UPSIM solution for M&S process capability assessment, including examples and benefits


  • 15:00-15:50: Deep-Dive: Artefact Quality Assessment for Modeling & Simulation

Key takeaways:
– Understand how to assess the credibility of concrete models and simulation
– Comprehend the relation between artefact quality and simulation credibility
– How open libraries support and automize the Credibility Assessment


  • 16:00-16:50: Application ALKS (Lane Keeping Assist)

Key takeaways:
– Comprehend the path from product development to model development of a Level-3 ALKS
– Get a hands-on tutorial how to apply artefact quality metrics for different development phases
– Understand the benefits from developer point-of-view

There will be 10 minutes of discussion at each session.


Project coordinated by Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH.

The ITEA3 UPSIM Project N°19006 has been made possible by the financial contribution from national funding agencies from Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Romania.