SAVE-UP – Final Event

On 17 May 2023, there will be the opportunity to join Applus+ IDIADA in Tarragona Spain to see the final demonstrators of the SAFE-UP project and get insights from the research members.

About the project:

The SAFE-UP project has been working on the development and research of active and passive safety systems and tools for future autonomous vehicles since 2020. The aim is to reduce injuries and fatalities in road accidents and contribute to the EU’s VisionZero.

SAFE-UP designs and analyses future safety-critical scenarios in a highly automated and mixed traffic environment by integrating traffic accident data and traffic conditions with new forms of safety metrics and sub-microscopic models in a traffic simulation platform. To test the potential of these techniques, SAFE-UP conducts two types of use cases — an urban and an extra-urban study.
At the same time, all road users will be considered including those outside the vehicle. Based on the resulting findings, new safety technologies and assessment methods can be designed in advance.
An important point here is to create awareness for the new challenges in road traffic.

Which part does VIRTUAL VEHICLE take?

VIRTUAL VEHICLE is taking on the development of safety assessment methods in this project, based on its knowledge and experience from other national as well as international projects, and its key competences in the field of simulation.
The focus is on the optimisation of Human Body Models (HBMs) in the active safety systems phase, which includes a series of tests with volunteers in reclined seating positions and controller development.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE is mainly active in two areas of work: HBM modelling and impact assessment.
Considering their long experience with human body models, they focus on the verification and validation of occupant models, especially on pre-crash occupant kinematics.

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