VIRTUAL VEHICLE at SafetyUpdate Austria in Graz

What is needed to make the intelligent, autonomous and electric cars of the future safe?

Experts from the automotive industry discussed these and many other questions at SafetyUpdate in Graz on the 19th and 20th of September, and we are pleased that VIRTUAL VEHICLE was part of the event with two speakers.

The first day, the 19th of September, was dedicated to battery safety and Patrick Kolm spoke about cell simulation models for predicting short circuits in battery cells. He pointed out important factors influencing the mechanical deformation behavior and why it is important to consider them in simulation models.

On the following day, everything focused on the topic of crash safety. Oliver Zehbe was on stage to talk about Human Body Model (HBM) development for the automotive industry. He presented the new development of an HBM for series development in occupant protection. This simulation model is being developed in close collaboration between Humanetics and DSD at VIRTUAL VEHICLE and marks a significant advance in the use of human models for future improvements in occupant protection.

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Patrick Kolm
Oliver Zehbe