Rita Trowbridge Award

The Rita Trowbridge memorial award was given this year to Niels Köster at the Compumag Conference at 20.01.2022 in Cancun – Mexico.

The Rita Trowbridge award is given every 2 Years to young researcher presenting at the Compumag Conference by a Committee of the International Compumag Society.

Niels Köster is a doctorate student at the Institute of Fundamentals and Theory in Electrical Engineering and a researcher at the Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH.

He works on model order reduction methods applied to electromagnetic simulations, to find efficient models for e-mobility. These models are used in the design and optimal control of power electronic components in the electrical drive train.

Our picture (copyright: Lunghammer) shows lucker winner Niels Köster with his tutor Oszkar Biro from TU Graz.


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