Developing highly efficient Diesel powertrains and after-treatment technologies for cleaner passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

12.6 m EUR · 05/2015 – 04/2018
Horizon 2020 · 16 partners
AVL, Delphi, Renault, Schaeffler, Volvo, TOFAS, etc.



A broad and well positioned consortium will work together in the REWARD project to develop advanced diesel engines that are able to respond to the demands of the future. The REWARD consortium is taking on the challenge of developing diesel powertrains and aftertreatment technologies for the next generation of cleaner passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. As the fuel economy of Diesel engines is substantially higher than for gasoline engines, REWARD plays into this enormous improvement potential to stimulate the development and use of Diesel engines in all vehicle classes.

Within the upcoming emission legislations, engine exhaust pollutants and the fuel consumption respectively CO2 emissions will become more stringent worldwide. It is the aim of the REWARD project to limit both exhaust pollutants, as well as improve the car’s fuel efficiency. Reaching this challenging objective will be demonstrated under real driving conditions.