Revolutionary simulator takes off

Driving Simulators are now more than ever necessary to put the human passenger and driver in the conditions that closely resemble the real road environment. Especially for eliciting, measuring, modeling and understanding the complex relationship between the human, the automated vehicle and road infrastructure.

“We agreed to build up a strategic cooperation scheme for driving simulator technologies in conjunction with VI-grade and collaborate on related research activities. Our main goal is to develop technologies for cutting-edge demonstration platforms,” said Jost Bernasch, Managing Director, VIRTUAL VEHICLE. “In particular, we decided to install a static driving simulator at our Living Innovation Lab in order to explore new driving simulator technologies.”

VI-grade started building up this Automated-Driving-Simulator (ADD-Simulator) at VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center in Graz. Therefor VIRTUAL VEHICLE will be one of Austria’s leading simulation and test facilities for Automated Driving.

Dr. Paolo Pretto, Key Researcher for Human Factors and Driving Simulator at VIRTUAL VEHICLE will overview the research activities in the field of human-centered driving simulation at VIRTUAL VEHICLE.