„Research with Impact“- EARPA FORM FORUM

The 2nd edition of the FORM Forum took place on the 17th October 2018 in Brussels. The Future Of Road Mobility Forum is a conference organized by EARPA,  the association of automotive R&D organisations. It brings together researchers, professionals and practitioners from Industry and Government for a productive and rewarding exchange of insights, experiences, achievements and perspectives on current and future developments in the European road mobility and automotive arena.

Experts from VIRTUAL VEHICLE not only attended the committee meetings, but also our booth was well attended. A delegation of high-level representatives of the EU Commission (Mr. Ekaterini Malakoudi of DG CONNECT, Michael Klima of INEA) and European associations (CEO of EUCAR Stefan Deix)  informed themselves about our Epsilon Car, and also about the subject of wood in vehicle construction (Woodcar).