Data-based analysis of motorcycle riding behavior: Two years of successful research collaboration between VIRTUAL VEHICLE and Pierer Innovation

For the past two years of intensive research collaboration between the two partners VIRTUAL VEHICLE and Pierer Innovation, the focus has been on the data-supported analysis of motorcyclists’ riding behavior (“Motorcycle Riding Analytics”).
The aim of this partnership was to analyze individual riding behavior in specific maneuvers using motorcycle data. The central question was: “How do motorcyclists with varying skill levels use KTM motorcycles?”.

As part of the collaboration, innovative algorithms and methods were developed and a sophisticated web dashboard for the targeted analysis and derivation of findings was implemented. The results of these research efforts to date underline the fact that supposedly simple riding maneuvers are far more complex than they might initially appear when analyzed in more detail on the basis of data. The algorithms developed and the web dashboard not only offer insights into individual driving behavior, but also enable an objective comparison between drivers of different skill levels.

Further activities are already in preparation.