Re-election Daniel Watzenig as Vice President Artemis-IA!

The VIRTUAL VEHICLE – Team congratulates Daniel Watzenig head of the “E/E & Software” Department for re-election as Artemis-IA Steering board member and Vice President Artemis-IA for the next 3 years!

What is the Artemis Industry Association?

The Artemis Industry Association is the leading organization for European research and development in the field of embedded and cyber-physical systems.

What is it all about?

Everything revolves around embedded systems that are part of our everyday lives. They are installed in street, cars, trains and planes and are located in houses, offices or factories. Each system is connected by large networks and can communicate with others. such as the smart card with the cashier in the supermarket or the car with the surrounding infrastructure.

Experts are sure that through all these networks it is necessary to take seriously the ever-increasing demand for “security and data protection” and to promote innovations in the field of embedded & cyber-physical systems.

Already in 2008 Daniel Watzenig defined the topic as the main focus of the research center Virtual vehicle and started a close cooperation with the Artemis Industry Association.

Numerous research projects have already been implemented on the virtual vehicle with the support of Artemis in order to promote innovation and Europe’s competitiveness in the field of embedded systems.