Digital Solutions for Railway Systems


Market Challenge

Urbanization is progressing at a rapid pace. According UN and OECD by 2050 two thirds of all people in the world will live in key urban areas. The significance of the railways alongside other transport modes becomes vital acting as a backbone of the future mobility services.

Digitalization methodologies if properly applied can generate crucial insights in the comprehensive and dynamic railway system, enable faster development of new railway solutions and can significantly accelerate the introduction of these innovations in the market. On the other side the railway sector faces challenges in the adoption of new advanced technologies while using the already available assets in operations.


Our Research Aspects

VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center has been researching on virtualization methodologies for the automotive and rail industry for more than 15 years now. Our rail research activities since its beginnings are focused on a consistent design of a modular validation framework for virtual assessment of rail vehicles and infrastructure components in full-system context.

Our wide know-How and strong cross-sector network – automotive and railway industry – are essential to the delivery of our vision, including the critical need for continuous, qualitative and sustainable R&D in the railway sector.

We Focus on: