Launch of the SPIDER Challenge

Together with Silicon Alps, VIRTUAL VEHICLE  launches the SPIDER Challenge.

Until July 28th 2021, we are looking for ideas to optimize the use of the SPIDER in testing automated driving functions (such as form, function, modularization or transportability). Furthermore, we are also interested in new areas of deployment and applications of the autonomous driving platform that enable and sustainably improve innovative forms of mobility, for example autonomous multipurpose vehicles for transport and logistics areas as well as other industries.

With the development of autonomous driving, the importance of the safety of autonomous driving functions and driver assistance systems is increasing. Early detection is the key to developing safe vehicles and systems. To shape the mobility of the future, the autonomous driving platform SPIDER (Smart Physical Demonstration and Evaluation Robot) was developed as a prototype. Now we are looking for innovative ideas and new applications “to move” with the 2nd generation.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE uses the SPIDER as a mobile Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) platform that enables reproducible and safe testing of sensors, software and control functions for automated vehicles in an early stage of development. Thus, the overall function of a vehicle can be tested repeatedly under real environmental conditions even before a prototype is available.

The self-driving vehicle can follow predefined trajectories precisely and repeatedly with the help of the installed sensor technology and record the signals of the sensors for later processing and analysis. The built-in safety system of the SPIDER platform prevents either collisions in case of malfunctions during testing or the SPIDER leaving a defined operation area.

Deadline: 28 July 2021

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