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The overall mission of Science2Society is to understand and improve the efficiency of the European innovation system.

Science2Society is an EU-funded project that aims to boost innovation efficiency across Europe. To improve the efficiency of the innovation system, this project analyzes the ways it creates new businesses, turn technology into products and services, attracts financing and generally creates value from academic research.

The project brings together practitioners and system experts, including universities, industries, research and technology organizations and SMEs, with the common goal of increasing the throughput capacity of the European innovation system. The project is endorsed by large networks of peers (EU-level) and the innovation ecosystem.


VIRTUAL VEHICLE as project partner

As project partner, VIRTUAL VEHICLE presents together with the team of S2S the results of the survey “Facilitating Efficient and Effective Collaborative Interaction in Funded R&D&I activities” conducted in May 2018.

The study should answer the following question: Which aspects make successful collaboration possible?

The results (see picture) were evaluated and first divided into main categories. Around the main category, the corresponding terms were collected.

More details will be published in winter 2018 on the website:


Current survey

Now, from 21st of June to 5th of July 2018 we invite you to take part on our final survey entitled: “Rating the importance of aspects facilitating effective and efficient collaborative interaction.”

With this survey we aim at quantifying the importance of key success factors for collaborative interaction.

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