Improved Trustworthiness and Weather-Independence of Conditional Automated Vehicles in Mixed Traffic Scenarios.

5 m EUR · 06/2017 – 05/2020
Ecsel JU · 12 Partners

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Automated vehicle technology has the potential to be a game changer on the roads, altering the face of driving as we experience it by today. Many benefits are expected ranging from improved safety, reduced congestion and lower stress for car occupants, social inclusion, lower emissions, and better road utilization due to optimal integration of private and public transport. Many cars sold today are already capable of some level of automation while higher automated prototype vehicles are continuously tested on public roads especially in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Automated vehicle technology has arrived rapidly on the market and the deployment is expected to accelerate over the next years. As a matter of fact, most of the core technologies required for fully automated driving (SAE level 5) are available today, however, reliability, robustness, and finally trustworthiness have to be significantly improved to achieve end-user acceptance. System and human driver uncertainty pose a significant challenge in the development of trustable and fault-tolerant automated driving controllers, especially for conditional automation (SAE level 3) in mixed traffic scenarios under unexpected weather conditions. The TrustVehicle consortium gathers European key partners who cover the entire vehicle value chain and form a European eco-system: OEMs, Tier1 suppliers, semiconductor industry, software, engineering, and research partners to enhance safety and user-friendliness of level 3 automated driving (L3AD) systems.


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