PhD Programms at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE

With more than 230 employees, VIRTUAL VEHICLE is the largest COMET K2 research center and active in over 35 EU projects. More than 40 PhD theses and more than 100 master theses have been successfully completed at our research center in the last five years.

In order to further strengthen international research cooperation with excellent scientific institutions, VIRTUAL VEHICLE supports newly defined doctoral theses or ongoing doctoral projects, which fit in with our advertised “PhD Funding Program.”

Depending on the phase in which the doctoral project is located, a financial contribution of 20,000 EUR can be applied for complete doctoral student funding of scientific institutions.


Main benefits

  • Participation in outstanding partner network (80+ international industrial partners, 40+ international scientific institutions)
  • Scientific exchange with experts from multiple relevant disciplines (methods, tools, processes)
  • Link to applied research and industrial needs
  • Access to advanced testing and validation infrastructure
  • Financial support (personal costs, supervision, travel and other costs)


Our conditions

  • The PhD candidate is employed at the PhD-degree awarding scientific institution and supervision is provided by the scientific institution
  • The PhD candidate spends 40% to 60% of her/his (remaining PhD) time at VIRTUAL VEHICLE in Graz, Austria
  • In addition to the PhD thesis, the outcomes of the research collaboration are joint scientific publications and master’s theses


Open Calls