Performance Twin: Digital Twin in the Healthcare Sector

Increasing digitalisation also offers previously undreamed-of possibilities in the healthcare sector. With this development, however, the complexity of medical devices is also increasing – among other things, this concerns areas such as networking, performance, etc. In order to better manage this complexity, virtual integration is already necessary at the system level, as the subsequent integration and maintenance effort would be too costly. The K2 research project “Performance Twin” offers new approaches. The aim of the project is to create and use digital twins. These are to recognise system changes with regard to maintenance work, maintain performance characteristics of systems and extend their useful life.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE is driving the project forward together with Siemens Healthineers. The research focuses on the digital twin with four different application examples. The digital twin is the virtual representation of an object or a system at runtime. This mapping covers its entire life cycle, is updated from real-time data and uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to support decision-making.

The concrete application examples of “Performance Twin” include different possible uses of a digital twin in the healthcare sector. The spectrum ranges from an angiography system for virtual clearance to the support of X-ray systems with regard to signs of wear. In the project, VIRTUAL VEHICLE will primarily contribute its expertise in virtual integration at system level and the digital twin. Siemens Healthineers will provide real test vehicles in the project as well as its domain-specific know-how in the area of HealthCare.