Main goal: Development of a novel approach to radically improve the safety for all occupants involved in future vehicle accidents.

7.5 m EUR · 06/2018 – 05/2021
Horizon 2020 · 21 Partners
VIRTUAL VEHICLE as coordinator, Robert Bosch GmbH, Daimler, Toyota Motor Europe, VW, ZF, etc.



Highly automated vehicles will offer new, more comfortable sitting positions that consequently will be in need for advanced and novel restraint systems in order to best possible protect all occupants in future accident scenarios. OSCCAR will therefor develop new advanced occupant protection principles and contribute to the improvement of diverse, omnidirectional, biofidelic and robust human body models (HBMs). These virtual, human-like (biofidelic) models form the basis for digital homologation necessities for coming vehicles. Its ambition is to pave the way for virtual-testing-based homologation. This includes the development of an exploitation strategy towards large scale implementation of virtual testing methods.