Opening “Drive.LAB”- the driving instructor for autonomous vehicles

Together with representatives of press, customers and partners, VIRTUAL VEHICLE opened the “Drive.LAB” on 09.04.2019 – a development and research platform with the aim of investigating and optimizing the interaction of people and automated driving.

Totally in focus: The “Human Centered Driving Simulator.”

A new driving simulator designed specific for research and development in the field of automated driving. Therefor, VIRTUAL VEHICLE is doing research on the interactions between drivers, passengers, vehicles and other road users in complex situations in order to create prediction models for human behavior. The aim is to foresee the behavior of automated vehicles as closely as possible to human behavior and reaction patterns.

The grand opening was accompanied by keynotes from the industry’s top speakers as Hans-Peter Schöner (Insight from Outside) and Diego Minen (VI-grade) who highlighted the future roadmap towards “Mobility & Driving Simulators”.


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