Modelling of weather effects on perception sensors



Development and validation of reliable environment perception systems for automated driving functions requires the extension of conventional physical test drives with simulations in virtual test environments. In such a virtual test environment, a perception sensor is replaced by a sensor model. A major challenge for state-of-the-art sensor models is to represent the sensor’s behaviour under the large variety of changing weather phenomena in a realistic manner. This requires testing the sensor’s behaviour in various challenging scenarios while simultaneously recording both the surrounding objects and the state of the weather (precipitation, solar illumination, etc.) in a detailed and precise manner, i.e. collection of ground-truth information.


Objectives/Tender Information

  • Handle technical measurement equipment (perception sensors, weather stations, DGPS, etc.) and support the development of new technical equipment
  • Plan and conduct field campaigns using perception sensors, weather stations, and additional equipment for ground-truth measurements
  • Extract, describe, and model dominant weather effects on the measurements of perception sensors
  • Validate the developed models on the basis of measurement data
  • Investigate the potential to measure weather conditions based on perception sensors
  • Cooperate with the project team consisting of both academic and industry partners
  • Support proposal writing for follow-up projects

In the proposal for PhD funding, scientific institutions describe:

  • The scientific ability and the required infrastructure (weather sensors, high precision lidar scanners, etc.) to scientifically guide and supervise the PhD candidate
  • The research plan and the focus for the advertised thesis
  • The publication and dissemination plan
  • The teaching plan (courses, trainings, etc.) for the doctoral studies
  • Planned supporting master’s and bachelor theses
  • Total costs of the PhD thesis as well as requested total amount of financial contribution from VIRTUAL VEHICLE (note: adequacy of costs is a major decision criterion)
  • The application comprises the scientific CV or profile of the PhD candidate and the supervising professor at the scientific institution.

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