Establishing an interdisciplinary training network in the field of multi-actuated ground vehicles

3.8 m EUR · 01/2016 – 12/2019
Marie Curie Actions · 11 partners
TU Ilmenau, Infineon, KU Leuven, Volvo, etc.

Über das Projekt

Distinctive feature of the ITEAM network is the concept of interaction of three research clusters: “MAGV integration”, mainly aimed at developing subsystems for active control of the chassis and the powertrain; “Green MAGV”, focused on the development of innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and to reduce the emissions of MAGV; “MAGV Driving Environment” that deals with the realization of semi-autonomous and fully automated driving of MAGV. In particular, the research effort involved in three clusters stems from fifteen individual projects that will lead to doctoral thesis. All the participants will be trained in the domains of control engineering and computational intelligence, vehicle dynamics and human machine interface, assessment of the proposed solutions by means of the development of virtual and real testing facilities for MAGV.

The main expected research outcomes will result from complex integration, processing and interpretation of available data from the ground vehicle and environment, taking care of safety, high performance, and low-emissions operations. The ITEAM consortium has planned a set of research databases to provide wide access to shared electronic research and technical material of the participating members. For the sake of the open access to research data, the projects results and assets will be also made available for wide international audience in order to share the acquired knowledge outside of the consortium.


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