VIRTUAL VEHICLE joins alliance for mobility testing

The International Alliance for Mobility Testing and Standardization (IAMTS) announced the addition of Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH as an academic partner. As a new member, VIRTUAL VEHICLE will add to an international portfolio of smart mobility testbeds for the standardization and certification of advanced mobility systems and services. IAMTS is a global, membership-based alliance of organizations involved in the testing, standardization and certification of advanced mobility systems and services. These services meet the highest quality implementation and operational standards.

Along with VIRTUAL VEHICLE, the German Aerospace Center DLR has been accepted as a IAMTS member. “IAMTS has again added two highly experienced organizations to our international team with the additions of DLR and Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH,” said Peter Doty, secretariat for IAMTS. “Each organization brings decades of experience, as well as a network of partners of their own. We’re excited to include their input to our ongoing projects on autonomous vehicle testing.”

“Along with our comprehensive virtual and real testing environment for sensors, automated driving functions and digital road infrastructures, we are pleased to join the IAMTS to share our experience and strengthen the international collaboration in the field of autonomous vehicle testing,” said Prof. Daniel Watzenig, head of the electrics/electronics and software department at VIRTUAL VEHICLE.