Human Factors Team

Our Human Factors team combines expertise from various fields including psychology, automotive, systems, software and usability engineering to address human-systems integration challenges across different domains:

• Automotive
• Railroad
• Smart technologies
• Manufacturing

We support our customers to achieve successful products:


Identifying user-centered applications for technology

  • Develop use-cases based for innovative applications of existing technologies
  • Literature and market reviews to assess the state-of-the-art
  • Quick-look technology explorations in human-in-the-loop simulation environments
  • Evaluate and validate use cases in field and laboratory studies
  • Measurement of human and technical performance with extensive instrumentation including, interviews, focus groups, questionnaire development, physiological sensing contextual inquiries, and observations in the field.

Increase human-readiness levels of products for improved user satisfaction and marketability

  • Collect user constraints, needs, and preferences through observational and experimental studies in the field and controlled environments, literature reviews, and contextual inquiries.
  • Bring user requirements into the design and development process
  • Support creation of virtual models for human performance, comfort, and safety for digital design, development, and evaluation solutions

Assess human performance and reliability of interactions with socio-technical systems

  • Assess human performance and user constraints in realistic environmental settings
  • Objective performance and subjective evaluation data, psychophysiological measurements, response time measurements
  • Apply state-of-the art methods such as THERP or HEART for human reliability assessments and safety assessments
  • Tailor method modifications to customer needs

Provide process solutions for AI innovation challenges in organizations

  • Support alignment with EU and world-wide AI regulations
  • Facilitate the development of human-systems integration (HSI) processes in companies
  • Enable multi-disciplinary melting of “silos of excellence”

Overview of ongoing and completed Human Factors Projects