HUBCAP Call #1.4 – PULL is now open

HUBCAP has just launched the first Open Call #1.4 – PULL: we are now looking for European SMEs providing CPS and MBD assets & tools. Such digital technologies may be applied to any sector domain (Mobility, Industry, Health, Energy, Environment, Robotics, etc.), to enrich our innovative and sustainable cloud-based open collaboration platform!

HUBCAP (Digital Innovation Hubs and Collaborative Platform for Cyber-Physical Systems) is the one-stop-shop for European SMEs wanting to embrace digital innovation using Model-Based Design (MBD) technology for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).
Backed by the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative, this EU funded project builds on seven Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) across Europe, each embedded in its regional innovation ecosystem, offering complementary technical expertise, experimental capabilities, and specialist knowledge in CPS application domains.
HUBCAP will organise three series of Open Calls throughout 2020-2022, with €3,2 million committed in cascade funding for SMEs, namely: Call #1 PULL, Call #2 EXPERIMENT and Call #3 INNOVATE.

Download the flyer for Open Call #1.4 – PULL here.

Download full press release here.