Call: funded experiment with cyber-physical systems

Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) and model-based design (MBD) are among the essential innovations for digitized development and for Industry 4.0. As part of current calls, these technologies are now to be made even easier to use for small and medium-sized companies. HUBCAP is a one-stop-shop for European SMEs who want to embrace digital innovation using model-based design technology for CPSs – encompassing products that combine hardware and software across a range of domains including Mobility, Industry, Health, Energy, Environment, and Robotics.

The new HUBCAP web platform hosts the tools you need to scale ideas and grow your business, supported by experts from Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) – VIRTUAL VEHICLE is one of those hubs. The current calls ask you to source potential partners for your application and integrate already existing MBD tools from the HUBCAP ecosystem or implement these digital solutions in a new CPS solution. A funding between €30k and €75k (per consortia) is available. Applications are open until 4th March 2021 – SMEs can join HUBCAP programme by applying to Open Call #2.1 EXPERIMENT, and find out all about it on the HUBCAP website.