SAFE-UP: safety of innovative CAV technologies

SAFE-UP aims to proactively address upcoming safety challenges by developing innovative technologies, testing and assessment methods. Background: future transport and mobility will be disrupted by innovations in Connected Automated Vehicles (CAVs), in which safety will be of the highest priority. The new technologies will reduce fatalities by covering pedestrians, cyclists and Powered Two Wheelers in urban areas through active safety systems and cars in non-urban through passive safety technologies, which will impact 64% of all road fatalities.

A total of 17 partners under the coordination of IDIADA Automotive Technology SA participate in SAFE-UP. The project is based on 3 key pillars:

·       future safety-critical scenarios

·       new safety technologies

·       novel safety assessment methodologies.

Future safety-critical scenarios will be designed and analysed in a highly automated and mixed traffic environment in a traffic simulation platform. Based on these scenarios, new safety technologies for active and passive systems will be developed. VIRTUAL VEHICLE will focus on optimizing the Human Body Models (HBM) for these new systems and leads work package 5 with the title „Safety assessment methodologies“. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the systems to be developed in SAFE-UP is calculated, the possible reduction of fatalities for certain scenarios at EU level is also shown.