HiPERFORM launches new webinar series

Since May 2018, the HiPERFORM project has been researching next-generation environmentally friendly vehicles. The project with 31 partners from 8 European countries address this topic with the introduction of wide band-gap power electronics in the drivetrain of electric vehicles. A new webinar series gives insight into the development of the project, especially the application in the automotive domain.

HiPERFORM deals  with  all  areas  of Gallium  Nitride (GaN) power  electronics  (from  base  materials  to complete  subsystems),  with  a  special  focus on  the enhancement  of  reliability  and  applications  with  lower voltage, like 48V systems. Beginning with May 4th 2021, the 5 webinars will take a closer look into the key topics of the project. These are innovative substrates for GaN, SiC (silicon carbide) automotive inverter, WBG off- and on-board charger, e-mobility test systems and wide band gap automotive inverter. Registration for the webinars and further information can be found here.