Green Digital Mobility



Our goal is to establish VIRTUAL VEHICLE in the long term as a distinctive and high-profile part of the Austrian research, development and innovation ecosystem.

To achieve this, we have identified the following core elements:

+ VIRTUAL VEHICLE is an internationally visible and leading innovation partner for sustainable mobility with a focus on highly complex, networked, software-defined systems

+ VIRTUAL VEHICLE links the semiconductor industry (chip level, electronic components) with the complex total system view in applied research and development

+ VIRTUAL VEHICLE establishes itself as a hub for Austrian SMEs in the area of software-defined system solutions in order to increase their market opportunities

+ VIRTUAL VEHICLE consistently implements innovations directly at the company partners and in their business processes, thus accelerating the emergence of new products on the world market


Mission Statement

To bring our vision to reality, VIRTUAL VEHICLE develops innovative methods and services for virtual development and validation on different technology readiness levels driven


… by our key elements:

+ Credible simulation of complex systems for virtual homologation

+ Efficient and effective data exploration for dynamic digital twinning

+ Human-centric aspects to boost societal acceptance


… and by core competencies:

+ Application-oriented expert knowledge paired with implementation strength (our human capital)

+ The ability to successfully manage large projects and bring them to the finish line in a professional manner

+ Proven capability of transfer of knowledge between industrial domains (automotive / rail)


By that, VIRTUAL VEHICLE aims to significantly contribute to the major challenges in mobility and transport:

+ Fatality-free and green mobility

+ Convergence of mobility and energy/infrastructure

+ Enabling inclusive und active mobility

+ The role of artificial intelligence and its acceptance

+ Bridging the gap between the semiconductor industry (“system-on-chip“, “electronic components“) and the “systems and intelligence“ level Reducing development and product approval costs in mobility by our virtual validation methods