Efficient Rail Systems for the Future


Safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient railway vehicles, along with sustainable and reliable rail infrastructure: for over ten years the experts at the VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center have focused on extensive research in the area of rail system. They are supporting the industry as it improves the „whole rail system.“ The research centre collaborates with a strong network of industrial and research partners, while simultaneously helping to promote Graz as an international hub for railway research.

By 2030 the European route network for high-speed trains will triple in size. In 2050 all central airports will be connected via a high-speed rail network. The number of conventional cars with internal combustion engines in cities will be cut in half by 2030, and by 2050 they will disappear altogether. The train is becoming the most important means of freight transport in an integrated and networked Europe… What sounds like a utopian vision for the far future is in reality a clear plan of the European Union, one that already has a great influence on the Graz VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center.


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