New FRIDA webinar 2022

No matter whether one works in the simulation of lubricated components or in the testing area – knowing more about your oil can provide direct benefits. We have a broad experience both in the simulation and testing of internal combustion engines and transmissions and will show you for both these fields how knowing more about the used oil brings direct benefits.

Oil has a large range of different properties and can deviate very far from being described by a single viscosity value.

A large variety of oil analysis methods exists and we will show how the usage of measured piezoviscous and Non-Newtonian viscosity data improves the accuracy of the simulation of friction and wear for journal bearings of an engine. We will also show how oil degrades in real life using results from on-road engine tests and that e.g. mechanical shearing of the oil can rapidly decrease oil viscosity and needs to be considered in engine design.

While the presented results focus on combustion engines as they are used in passenger cars and motorcycles, the tools and techniques are applicable as well to many other applications like truck engines, stationary engines, wind turbines, rail etc.

Virtual Vehicle has more than a decade of experience in the field of combustion engine lubrication and wear and is looking forward to our new webinar and the new discussions it might bring.

Two dates available:

Date 1: 8.6.2022 15:00 (UTC+2) duration 30min
Date 2: 13.6.2022 9:00 (UTC+2) duration 30min

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