New FRIDA Webinar

The year 2022 begins with a new webinar offer on FRIDA – the in-house developed friction dynamometer test bench for engines. The system just got an update to detect engine wear in real-time. Now it is not only possible to measure engine friction with excellent accuracy, but it is also possible to determine how new engine optimizations affect engine wear and the generation of wear particles. Our wear detection system monitors entire engine wear for particle sizes larger than 4µm. The new system is universally applicable and does not rely on RNT.

Our expert Hannes Allmaier will explain the first results in detail during a webinar. Two dates are available for the webinar: Monday, 14.2.2022 from 16-17:00 and Tuesday, 17.2.2022 from 9-10:00. The webinar will be held in English, all VIRTUAL VEHICLE colleagues are welcome to attend – we look forward to receiving your registrations at this link.