FRIDA Autumn Webinar 2022

Join our free FRIDA Autumn Webinar 2022 with the topic “Journal bearings – simulating mixed lubrication up to seizure with an outlook on our new journal bearing test-rig!”

Journal bearings are widely used in critical and highly stressed applications where reliability is key. In this webinar we will present our simulation approach for journal bearings that has been extensively validated and can describe lubrication from pure hydrodynamic to severe mixed lubrication conditions with an outlook to seizure simulation.

Developing simulation requires accurate and specialized experimental data. Virtual Vehicle is currently building a novel bearing test-rig that will allow to further expand the capabilities of our simulation approach. Therefore, the webinar will also give a brief outlook on its capabilities.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE has more than a decade of experience in the field of combustion engine lubrication and wear and is looking forward to our new webinar and the new discussions it might bring.

2 Dates available (same webinar, same content): 12.10.2022 & 17.10.2022

Duration of presentation (in English): about 25min, afterwards time for discussion and questions; the webinar is held as MS Teams meeting.

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