Forum Alpbach 2020 Technologiegespräche Future Mobility

Forum Alpbach Breakout Session: Future Mobility

How can we realize a future mobility that meets both human needs and economic benefits? This is just one fundamental question in a time of transformation and elementary change. VIRTUAL VEHICLE takes on that topic and hosts a Breakout Session at Forum Alpbach Technology Talks* in Tirol (Austria).

Our international top experts are going to discuss “Future mobility – ecological, economic and social value solutions”.

The bottom line: It is not technology leadership, but value opportunities sensibly captured that make mobility concepts future proven. This enables mobility to fulfil its underlying human need as well as economic constraints without compromising further on climate goals and resource scarcity also in future. In this area of tension between economic, social and environmental questions, the panel will map out a global vision of future mobility concepts – and how humanity keeps on moving.


28th of August 2020, 9.00-11.00 am (CEST)


Speakers (alphabetical)


Niels de Boer (Nanyang Technological Universita, Singapore)

Michael Holzner (Icondu, Deutschland)

Mark Topal-Gökceli (ÖBB Holding, Austria)


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*) The Alpbach Technology Talks are organized by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and ORF Radio Austria 1 in collaboration with the European Forum Alpbach.