Connected Data for Connected Products

Conway‘s law says: products look like the organization, that develops the product. How to avoid this effect? Highly connected products require network organizations and highly connected data. The Data Context Hub effectively integrates heterogeneous data sources, provides consistent data and allows system view and context to data from any perspective.

Making knowledge of heterogeneous data and relations visible and understandable: Data Context Hub acts as a combination of a single point of access and a causal content-based integration layer. Its potential is growing with the amount of integrated data and with the demand for dynamically changing viewpoints.

Data Context Hub provides web-based service modules that allow the easy and effective integration and orchestration of manyfold data sources, the processing of the content into the graph data base and the highly performant traversing of the graph for unlimited complexity of queries.

Data Context Hub – Aim and Value


Seamless navigation on connected data


Analysis and context


Traceability of heterogeneous data


Traceability of heterogeneous data


Agile data modelling


Simplification of IT architecture