Expertise / Advanced Testing

Test Equipment


ViFDAQ offers an amazing scope of services at a minimum size. It is fully autonomous and independent of a host (e.g. PC, Laptop or mobile) and can perform a variety of measurement tasks, thereby making measurements easier and cheaper.

  • 3D Acceleration
  • 3D Magnetometer
  • 3D Gyroscope
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Capacity
  • GPS
  • Current/Voltage
  • Minimum size – Maximum performance


ViFProbes are contemporary, simple and robust measuring systems that are very simple and can be used very reliably for the air mass flow measurement on cooling packages.

  • Calculate and store the total air mass flow directly onboard
  • The use of pressure hoses and complex cabling is eliminated
  • The sensors are supplied with energy through one single miniature cable and digitally read out
  • Other confounding factors (such as signal dropouts due to kinked hoses) belong to the past

TOAD – Tomographical optical ammoniak detector

The key parameter for high NOx conversion rates using selective catalytic reduction is the ammonia distribution in the tail pipe. The tomographical ammoniak detector measures the ammonia line concentrations at twenty different light paths. Using sophisticated tomographical algorithm the local ammonia distribution is calculated. The sampling frequency of TOAD is up to 3 kHz, thus highly instationary processes can be studied.

NVH Data Acquisition Hardware

VIRTUAL VEHICLE is using state of the art measurement technology of various manufactures. High flexible acquisition systems like Siemens PLM Test.Lab and Head Acoustics are used to perform diverse NVH measurements with newest post processing algorithm. Highly specialized sensors from renewed producers (B&K, PCB, Polytech) are utilized for tomorrows vehicle development.

  • LMS SCADAS mobile – 72 channel
  • SQuadriga II – mobile 8-channel frontend
  • LMS environmental testing controller – 8-channel

LMS Test.Lab 17A

  • 200 Token
  • Signature Aquisition, Time Recording
  • MIMO FRF Testing, Impact Testing

Laser Vibrometer

  • Polytec PSV-300 Scanning Laser Vibrometer
  • Contactless measurement of vibrationg surfaces
    (e.g. high surface tempeature)
  • Measuring rotational vibration with OFV-4000


  • Data Acquisition
  • Advanced Playback
  • Advanced Analysis Module
  • Advanced Psychoacoustics Module

HEAD – Binaural Playback

  • Binaural headset
  • HSU III.2 – head simulator with ICP -mikrophone
  • labP2 – 2-channel playback module
  • HD VII – dynamic high-end headset


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