Functional Safety Community

The Functional Safety Community (FuSaCom) brings together experts from industry and research dealing with the functional safety.
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What is FuSaCom?

Regional networking and technical discussions on Safety and Security 

  • Functional Safety 
  • Cybersecurity Engineering 
  • SOTIF – Safety of the intended Functionality 


Network for public funding projects 

  • Insights of on-going standardization work 
  • Systems Engineering approaches (e.g. MBSE) 
  • Established and new analysis methods 
  • Tool support for engineering activities 
  • Human factor and safety-critical systems 
  • Automated driving functions and technologies 
  • Network for public funding projects

Topic proposals for next event:

  • Call for Safety contributions!
  • Status of SOTIF
  • Engineering Methods for SOTIF (e.g., Analysis, V&V)
  • Partner introduction and announcements welcome
  • Project proposals for collaborations
  • DiscussIt @ FuSaCom
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Partner Benefits 

  • Knowledge-Exchange between partners from different domains 
  • Discuss best practices for specific applications 
  • with good and bad examples 
  • Workshops (e.g. Cybersecurity, Human Factors) 
  • Trainings with certification on different skill-levels (Beginner/Expert/Professional) 
  • Experience reports by applying standards 
  • Regular Get-2-Gether Meeting with talks 
  • and discussions 
  • Special offers & fees for international conferences 
  • Networking with international partners from Industry, Applied- and Scientific-Research 
  • (Austria, Germany, Spain, England, Sweden, …) 

Online/Hybrid/Face2Face Events 

G2G: Regular after work Get2Gether Events 

  • Talks and Discussion to specific Topics 
  • Present project Proposals 


  • Investigate in small groups specific topics 
  • E.g. Safety Architecture for AI-based Systems  
  • E.g. Cybersecurity Analysis and Concept on ADS Architecture 


  • Functional Safety (ISO 26262) 
  • Cybersecutrity  (ISO/SAE 21434) 
  • SOTIF  (ISO 21448) 
  • Cross-Discipline (ISO/PRF TR 4804 and specific standards) 


Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH 

Inffeldgasse 21/A, 8010 Graz, Austria 

phone: +43 316 873 4035 


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