Digital Operation

Speed and timing are a competitive advantage in an increasingly “real-time“ economy. VIRTUAL VEHICLE researches on value generating core technologies for future digital operation services driving the digital transformation of our society. Data-driven design enhanced by the automation of the decision-making processes in “real time“ transforms and optimizes the customer‘s assets making them available and accessible in the Internet of Things (IoT) eco-system.

Market Challenge

Technologies enabling the digital operation of vehicles, especially of a distributed and autonomous kind, create infinite possibilities for everyone to significantly improve mobility and transport management while substantively reducing the operational costs. Digital mobility data such as traffic information, vehicle and cargo tracking, environmental conditions, quantification data of vehicles, users, goods or infrastructure assets is assessable today for both public and private stakeholders along the value chain fostering the fast change in technologies, business models and the society.

Our Expertise

A user-centric combination of computer engineering, mathematics, cryptography and behavioural economics drives VIRTUAL VEHICLE’s vision of mobility and transportation solutions for the future. VIRTUAL VEHICLE researches on tools, methods and migration strategies by applying the right balance of core technologies to ensure the safest, most reliable and comfortable, de-carbonized and multimodal digital operation of smart vehicles and intelligent infrastructure. The investigated approaches and implementation strategies provide the required speed in R&D but also accelerate the market-uptake for future digital operation concepts.


Main Research Topics

  • Real-time and predictive analytics
  • Nowcasting and forecasting algorithms
  • Data fusion methodologies, data evaluation/validation tactics
  • Application of data-driven and model centric design
  • Data-driven decisions and process automation
  • Self-adaptive & self-learning algorithms, artificial intelligence for smart vehicles and asset management


  • Improved safety and efficiency while maximizing assets availability
  • Reduce operational costs and environmental Impact
  • Enable condition based and predictive maintenance of assets
  • Accelerate connected mobility and digital transport Solutions
  • New techniques & strategies for data management, data processing and value creation
  • Easy and cost-efficient analysis of future mobility and transportation concepts
  • Know-How, tools and methods to keep the pace of technology development

Efficient collaboration is our key for innovation!

VIRTUAL VEHICLE offers different cooperation models tailored to the specific needs of its leading international industry and research partners to run R&D projects.