Expertise / Advanced Testing

ADAS/AD Verification & Validation

Open Vehicle Development Platform

The higher complexity of modern powertrains is placing increasing demands on the test systems used in development and testing. Addition to that testing & validation of automated and autonomous driving features to reach high performance solutions for Level 1 to level 5 rise dramatically.

VIRTUAL Vehicles’s expertise is proven by outstanding AD specific methodologies and validation competencies as well as an open vehicle development platform, the VIRTUAL VEHICLE Automated Drive Demonstrator.

Automated Drive Demonstrator

The VIRTUAL VEHICLE Automated Drive Demonstrator (ADD) is an open vehicle platform and computer controllable car that can be used for various R&D projects in the field automated driving.

  • Performance testing & validation on public roads and test tracks
  • Definition of use cases and testing plans
  • Traffic simulation, V2X communication
  • Algorithm development, multi-sensor concepts and real-time sensor fusion
  • Validation and verification of AI-based systems
  • High-fidelity modelling & simulation for virtual system approval
  • Situation awareness and fail-operational active safety including functional safety & data security


The Smart PhysIcal Demonstration and Evaluation Robot (SPIDER) is a mobile hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) platform allowing for reproducible testing of perception systems, vehicle software and control algorithms under real world conditions.

Main Features

The main features of the SPIDER are highly dynamic omni-directional movement, robust and splash-water proof design, extensibility, and provision of power and data interfaces allowing to control its movements within a built-in safety Framework.


More about SPIDER


The overall goal is to unleash cross-discipline synergy effects as well as to build and extend leading-edge technology platforms. Also, human-centric design will require an appropriate R&D infrastructure for Human-in-the-Loop investigations. Furthermore modern technologies, such as autonomous, self-adapting and safety-critical systems, need to be evaluated during development by using real-world data. For that, an appropriate proving ground for real-life experimentation is necessary and is the motivation for the so-called “Innovation Lab”.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE static driving simulator
The Static Simulator is a professional solution allowing bridging the gap between physical testing and simulation in automotive engineering. HMI, Vehicle Dynamics, NVH and ADAS are some of the disciplines that can be investigated using this static simulator. Complementary technologies such as ActiveSeat, ActiveBelts, and a set of professional projectors are all to be featured in the simulator. Extremely high levels of realism and a truly immersive driver experience are the benefits of this simulator. Thanks to the real-time hardware infrastructure, the Static Simulator is also suitable for software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop applications.


VIRTUAL VEHICLE is part of ALP.Lab (Austrian Light Vehicle Proving Region for Automated Driving), a sophisticated testing environment for testing and verifying the components and systems of automated driving in diverse and complex scenarios. Along with public roads, proving grounds, and facilities for data recording and processing, ALP.Lab offers a comprehensive virtual testing environment and a unique test laboratory. As an alliance of automotive supplier companies (AVL, Magna) and scientific partners (Joanneum Research, TU Graz, Virtual Vehicle), ALP.Lab meets the challenges that lie ahead for the future of driving.