Automated Driving & Assistance Systems

Automated driving is quite definitely one of the most important innovation drivers in the automotive industry. VIRTUAL VEHICLE covers the development, validation, test, operation, and continuous self-diagnosis of fail-operational automated driving architectures and ensures the coexistence of these highly automated vehicles with conventional vehicles on the road.

Market Challenge

Both industry and consumers expect numerous benefits from new automated driving technologies including improved vehicle and road safety, reduced congestion, lower emissions and better road utilization due to optimal integration of private and public transport. Thus R&D engineers need to address some fundamental challenges like:

  • 360° environmental awareness
  • Reconfigurable, adaptive E/E architectures
  • In-vehicle high performance computing
  • Fault-tolerant processing and control
  • Intrinsic self-diagnosis and monitoring
  • Robust and reliable automated functions
  • Interplay of vehicles with and without automation

Our Expertise

Along with a comprehensive testing environment for sensors, automated driving functions and hybrid road infrastructures, VIRTUAL VEHICLE seeks to advance embedded intelligence, sensor fusion, fault-tolerant embedded control systems and the interaction of automated and conventional vehicles, thereby guaranteeing safe and predictable behavior in any weather, at any time, in any driving scenario. However, the processing of large amounts of data while simultaneously providing safety and in real-time is absolutely necessary to enable automated driving functions.


Main Research Topics

  • Advanced control and vehicle intelligence: context-embedded, fault-tolerant, fail-operational, and real-time capable
  • High-fidelity modelling & simulation for virtual system approval
  • Multi-sensor concepts and real-time sensor fusion
  • Sensor integration, calibration, and self-diagnostics
  • Functional safety analyses
  • Dependable high-performance computing
  • Situation awareness and fail-operational active safety
  • Validation and test of automated driving functions and systems
  • Sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) for anticipation of traffic situations
  • Validation and verification of AI-based systems
  • Traffic simulation, V2X communication
  • Open vehicle demonstrator


VIRTUAL VEHICLE is deeply engaged with context-embedded and context-aware vehicle automation technology along the different evolution steps, from connected to cooperative (V2V) and ultimately automated operation.

  • Shift automated driving to higher readiness by developing and implementing (prototypes) advanced methods, tools, and validation processes.
  • Remain flexible by selecting different combinations of re-useable, calibrated, and scalable models together with proven hardware and software architectures.
  • Benefit from VIRTUAL VEHICLE’s cross-industry vehicle safety, data security, and efficient development expertise.
  • Reduce time-to-market with the open vehicle platform, proven HiL testing and the use of in-house test beds and tools.
  • Access to future-proof technologies as VIRTUAL VEHICLE is a partner in the leading worldwide development partnership AUTOSAR and a member of the International Standardization Organization (ISO PAS 21448).

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Efficient collaboration is our key for innovation!

VIRTUAL VEHICLE offers different cooperation models tailored to the specific needs of its leading international industry and research partners to run R&D projects.